Rooney slams Manchester United’s players despite winning 3-2 at home

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Rooney slams Manchester United’s players despite winning 3-2 at home against Newcastle and suggests Rashford must look for change.

  • Manchester United returned to victory by defeating Newcastle 3-2.
  • Rooney, a club legend, slammed the Manchester United team’s brutal condition.
  • Marcus Rashford may be time to grow elsewhere

Wayne Rooney harshly criticized Manchester United. 

After their 3-2 home win over Newcastle United on Wednesday night. But overall the team still isn’t performing very well. This former Manchester United legend believes that most of the players on the team should leave the team and be replaced by better players.

“You have to build a team around a player like Bruno Fernandes. He’s a player with quality and always ready to fight. As for many other players, I think the team should sell them quickly.”

“Maybe when you keep young players and have a player like Bruno as the commander, I think if you do that it can make a big change for the team. Even though it might not be in one year. But it will definitely be in the next few years.”

“I think he (Onana) started off very well. But they are adapting and trying to tune into the team better and better. For me, Dalot is doing well, Maguire is not bad, but if you want to win the competition here They need better players.”

“Don’t get me wrong. These players, they are good players. But if they are competing against the high standards of Manchester City , Liverpool and Arsenal , they need better players.”

Rooney was then ask about his former team-mate Marcus Rashford.

Whose form has drop significantly this season. By scoring only 8 goals. If compared to the performance of 30 goals last season. 

“We all know that Marcus has talent, but I think it’s time for him to take a change of scenery and experience something else. He has to ask himself that question. Even though I want him to stay and break records at this club. But sometimes staying with the same things doesn’t change anything for both the club and the players.”