Klopp insists he is not worried about Darwin.

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Jurgen Klopp, manager of Liverpool is ready to keep an eye on the waste of opportunities by striker Darwin Nuñez. As long as the team wins and he still has a role to help benefit his teammates in various dimensions. Such as winning games. Newcastle 4-2 yesterday

Darwin had a chance to score at least 5 times but the target was clean. The diva assisted on a goal early in the second half. Then gradually be replaced after an hour has passed. 

Of course, there has been a wave of criticism of the Uruguayan star from various TV analysts and netizens. But the 56-year-old always has his back ทางเข้า UFABET 

“Of course I’m not happy that he hasn’t scored a goal. But what I saw was that he was involved.” Opening his mouth on ‘Sky Sports’ 

“Football is a simple game. Put the ball in the back of the net. But that young man has a lot of hard work besides that.”

“He lured his opponents, Bottomman and Cher to join them. We need him to do that as long as Darwin is beneficial to the team. We don’t have a problem. He’ll definitely score.” 

“Social media is considered annoying, right? Let’s just say that no one on the team is worried about Darwin’s performance.” 

“He played a very good game. I give my plate to Mo Salah without selfishness. Leads to the opening door.”

Among the 22 players from last season who had more than 20 opportunities to report in the English Premier League. Darwin Nuñez had the worst performance, turning into goals at just 21.3%. In the first half yesterday, he missed 2 chances once and for all. But what has improved is the number of assists. This season 5 out of 6 have been given to Salah.