Henry points out that Arsenal must avoid Manchester City.

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Arsenal legend Thierry Henry says Manchester City and Real Madrid are two dangerous teams. That his former club must avoid facing if they hope to go far in the UEFA Champions League.

    “The Gunners” defeated Porto and successfully advanced to the quarter-finals. Where the draw will be held on Friday. Henry pointed out that when it comes to this round, every team is dangerous. But the two teams that should avoid confrontation are the “Sailboat”. The former champions and the “White Kings” who have won this title the most UFABET 

    Henry told CBS Sports:

“I’ve faced both situations as a player. Where sometimes people didn’t want to play against Arsenal and we didn’t get very far. And we have a team that when we get to the finals. I don’t think we’re the best team at Arsenal.”

    “I remember when we were drawn against Real Madrid. Everyone laughed and said ‘Arsenal is the team you want’. Then we drew Juve and everyone said ‘This is the team you want.’ ‘It’s a good draw for Juve.’ Then we played Villarreal, who were a good team at the time. They said ‘It’s good to play against Arsenal’, obviously we couldn’t reach the final.”


 “I’m just saying that you can’t disrespect anyone in European football. There are only two teams that can boast of that and that’s Real Madrid and Manchester City, just two teams. For the other teams you just pick the teams you can play. I can too.”

    “Manchester City is the team to beat for me, I know Pep, it’s not how I deal with him. Just go out on the field and put everything you have. As a player, I encounter various situations. Too many to know that sometimes calling a team easy to play isn’t like that. When you enter the next round, people think ‘You guys will win easily’ No, it’s not like that.”

    “The champions we can brag about – Manchester City – besides that is Real Madrid, who have won it 14 times. The rest we’ll see what happens.”