Former player suggests Tottenham Hotspur should sign Man City

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Former player suggests Tottenham Hotspur should sign Man City star to join team

  • Alan Hutton advises Tottenham Hotspur to sign Jack Grealish
  • This player may have a useful role in the Spurs offensive game next season.
  • It is reported that despite not playing much, the player is still happy with Manchester City.

Alan Hutton, former right back of Tottenham Hotspur, a giant club in the English Premier League, has expressed his opinion that The “Golden Spurs” should สมัคร ufabet proceed to grab Jack Grealish , Manchester City playmaker , to join the team this summer.

Hutton said: “I think the number 10 role is a position that Grealish can play for Tottenham. Because if James Maddison is not ready to play. or not in good form. You need backup and Grealish can replace that.”

“But from what I know, It depends on how much money Manchester City paid £100 million to sign him. And when I was playing at Aston Villa, Daniel Levy (Spurs chairman) refused to pay £20 million to get him.”

“He’s 28 years old but Man City still want a very high price for him. Grealish comes on and makes any team better when he’s in form. He’s playing at the highest level, but I think he’s probably happy with the situation he’s in now.”

For Grealish, he moved from Villa to play with Manchester City in 2021, playing in all competitions 125 games, scoring 14 goals.