Erik ten Hag appreciates ‘Captain Bruno’

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Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has hailed Bruno Fernandes as an exemplary leader in his dedication on the pitch. Continuously With current captain Harry Maguire being reduced to a reserve role this season. The 28-year-old playmaker has been in good form especially since Cristiano Ronaldo left the club. And Ten Hag has hailed his dedication as an example. With teammates “First and foremost as a captain, he exemplifies the pitch with the energy he puts in ,” said Ten Hag. He’s a great role model ′ ′ He can handle very high demand and play a lot of games. He is a great example for everyone on the team.”

After today’s Premier League game (Sunday), Manchester United will have to face Barcelona again after drawing 2-2 in the first game, then

they have to go into the Carabao battle. Cup final against Newcastle United next Sunday. There is also an FA Cup game in the fifth round against West Ham United next week. the UFABET report

“I would think about rotation depending on tactics. But sometimes we have to see how much the player loads ′

′ We have to consider it. But once again, the next game is the most important game, so we will put the team in the way we see the best on the field ′′

We don’t have to look too far. We just have to be a better version of ourselves. and wait and see where we will be at the end of April.”