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“Mold” on the bed-blanket How dangerous is it to health?

Reasons why we should wash and dry bedsheets and blankets often Because it directly affects our health . Risk of various diseases that is harmful to the body Said that an important factor that causes mold is dampness that accumulates in various parts of the house. Traces of mold can be

6 tips to reduce risk “Colon and rectum cancer”

Colon and rectal cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. of many countries around the world With the changing way of life Recommend avoiding high-fat foods fast food Charred grilled food Food made from repeated frying oil and processed meat Causes of colorectal cancer Colon cancer begins with the development

“Wrist tendonitis” causes, symptoms, and treatment methods

Wrist pain, unable to lift things Initial symptoms of “Wrist tendinitis“ What is wrist tendonitis like? State that tendonitis in the wrist It is cause by inflammation of the tendons and tendons on the back of the wrist on the thumb side. This causes narrowing or narrowing of the

food dishes from “curry paste and chili paste” to prevent heart.

Thai traditional medicine promotes dishes from Thai spices and chili paste. prevent heart disease Thai traditional medicine presents food items from curry paste such as Kaeng Pa, Kaeng Som, Kaeng Liang, Nam Prik and Thai herbal juice. Help control fat and blood sugar. Prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular

Eating too much “spicy” increases the risk of gastrointestinal.

Is there anyone who likes to eat spicy food? I believe that many people must be satisfied with spicy food. Especially if it has a spicy taste. The more spicy, the tastier, the more delicious it will feel. Of course, most Thai people like to eat something like this

5 misconceptions about masturbation

Several studies have indicated that masturbation or masturbation Beneficial to health , but many young people still have doubts. or there is a misunderstanding about masturbating anyway We’ve come to correct those misunderstandings for you. masturbate several times considered unusual Sex educator Logan Lefgoff said many people were often concerned that Are we helping ourselves

10 benefits of mangosteen, the queen of fruits, against colon

“Mangosteen” is a fruit that Thai people are familiar with and may be a favorite of many people. Especially when knowing how rich in nutrients and vitamins mangosteen is . Probably not too much of a metaphor. Because in a small mangosteen This contains many nutrients that are beneficial to the body. The benefits