5 misconceptions about masturbation

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Several studies have indicated that masturbation or masturbation Beneficial to health , but many young people still have doubts. or there is a misunderstanding about masturbating anyway We’ve come to correct those misunderstandings for you.

masturbate several times considered unusual

Sex educator Logan Lefgoff said many people were often concerned that Are we helping ourselves too much? In fact, there is no indicator that masturbating several times a week or several times a day It’s too much self-help. And how often do you masturbate to be called too much? answer to this question depends on each person If you masturbate more than once a day and your health is still good. is nothing It is considered to have no effect on the body. But if our masturbation affects our daily life or affect work Affecting relationships, such as not wanting to have anything with a girlfriend At this point, a doctor must be consulted.

girlfriend masturbate It shows that he doesn’t want to have anything with us.

Helplessness is not related to relationships, says Logan Lefkov, a very misconception. who thinks that the boyfriend masturbates It’s a sign that the relationship is in trouble. In fact, most men tend to masturbate. Guys can masturbate in any stage of their lives. whether he is single will have problems with fans or be happy happy with your boyfriend Men can help themselves. Most of them have nothing to do with relationships. Some guys masturbate to relieve stress. Clear your mind before starting work. or just to get a good night’s sleep

masturbation it’s bad

Masturbating isn’t a bad thing, it shouldn’t be, or it’s offensive. masturbation is normal because it is human sexuality You don’t have to feel guilty. or feel embarrassed masturbation time feeling guilty when masturbating It can make us look at ourselves in a negative light. until it affects mental health as long as self-help It’s also our personal matter. It’s not wrong. Plus masturbating is a good thing. because it helps us to know our own body Most young boys masturbate. and learn when the body reaches its climax And 75% of young women learn what climax is. through self-help which affects sexual health and future love life

Married, do not masturbate.

Belief that you are marrie do not help yourself How wrong is the belief? Because most people help themselves throughout their lives. Even the elderly can do it. When we grow up, we might meet the right person. and marry a lover People who have a husband and wife will understand the feeling of having sex. But many times we may need some personal time. which does not mean what’s the problem with love Maybe self-help is just stress relief Or just wanting to feel better? http://ufabet999.com

Help yourself, harm your body.

medically considered Masturbation is natural. And harmless both in women and men Masturbating doesn’t hurt your body. Or any danger It is consider normal sexual behavior of human beings. But some cultures or religions It is consider a sin to masturbate. This can cause some people to feel guilty when masturbating. or feel it is embarrassing behavior So masturbation can affect some people’s mental health. is to feel bad about oneself