How natural gas is making it in Indiana

The natural gas industry is booming in Indiana, as more and more communities are getting their own natural gas pipelines to transport their natural gas.

Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources has put out a call for applicants for new pipelines and lines, and as of last week, the agency had received over 700 applications, the Indianapolis Star reported.

“We’re in a period of boom time for the natural gas business in Indiana.

We’re starting to see some really strong growth in the pipeline industry,” Indiana Natural Gas Executive Director Mike Bowers told the Star.

“That’s really going to bring more jobs and more revenue into the state.”

Indiana’s natural gas boom started with the opening of a natural gas pipeline to a rural area in the mid-1990s, but the boom has since expanded to include the construction of natural gas liquefeaction facilities, pipelines, and storage facilities in Indiana’s coal, iron ore, and shale fields.

Now, the natural Gas State is home to more than 500 new natural gas wells, the Star reported, which have brought in over $10 billion in economic impact.

“Indiana’s growing natural gas economy is a major driver of economic growth, and we are making great strides in making natural gas the number one fuel in the state,” Gov.

Mike Pence said in a statement.

“I applaud the state and the new pipelines that are being built to bring Indiana’s natural-gas boom back to life.”

Indiana is the seventh state in the nation to expand natural gas development, with the state adding 1,000 natural gas production facilities in 2016 alone, according to the Natural Gas Association of Indiana.


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