UK’s new ‘natural gas’ plant could produce up to 10 million tonnes of CO2 annually

The UK has signed a deal with Russia to build a new natural gas plant in northern England to store excess gas.

The UK is the only European country to have signed such a deal.

The deal was signed at the end of last month, just days after the UK announced a new CO2 emissions cap.

The cap was announced by then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The UK’s Energy Secretary Amber Rudd said the new plant would help meet the country’s new emissions targets.

“We will see more and more of the UK developing its energy needs as we lead the world in the transition to a low-carbon economy, as well as its transition to renewables, in the years ahead,” she said.

Natural gas has been a major contributor to the UK’s CO2 reduction targets since 2020.

The government says it will increase the UKs current emissions target to 5.7 million tonnes by 2020.

But critics say that is still not enough to meet the 2020 targets.

They say that would mean burning more natural gas than the UK is able to burn.

A new natural-gas plant is expected to be built in the country next to the existing Alberton site.

It will produce 10 million metric tonnes of natural gas annually.