Texas’ Mirabito is a ‘natural gas’ competitor for natural gas

By KELLY WALLACE, Associated PressBEREA, Texas (AP) The natural gas company Mirabita says it is “actively exploring” options to enter the Texas market for natural, low-cost natural gas.

The gas giant said in a filing Monday it is also exploring other natural gas markets and exploring ways to sell the natural gas to other states.

Mirabitos CEO and president Ken Williams said the company would be “very interested” in natural gas in the Texas markets.

Williams said he expects Texas natural gas producers to “take advantage” of the natural market, and that Mirabitas goal is to bring natural gas “into Texas by 2020.”

Mirabits competitors include Peabody Energy, which already operates natural gas wells in Texas, and EOG Resources, which owns the Texas Gulf Coast.

Williams, who is vice chairman of the company’s board of directors, said the companies are “very much aware of the challenge of natural gas” and “are aggressively exploring opportunities to expand and compete in Texas.”

Williams said the Mirabiti group will “make every effort to be part of the Texas natural market.”