How to stop the natural gas fire in Florida

A wildfire near Orlando sparked by a leak of natural gas has spread to the city’s downtown and has forced evacuations, authorities said.

A wildfire near Florida sparked by an oil spill has spread into downtown Orlando, forcing evacuations and threatening homes and businesses.

The blaze, which began in Orlando early Friday, has burned more than 20 square miles in two days.

More than 200 homes have been destroyed, and the city is bracing for more fires as residents continue to evacuate, authorities in Orlando said in a statement.

It is unclear how much oil spilled and how it got to the fire, which is currently burning near the intersection of W. Broadway and E. Florida avenues.

About 1,500 firefighters and officers are battling the blaze, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Officials did not say when the fire might be contained.

Residents were warned to stay away from the fire and avoid the area.

Authorities urged anyone with information to call the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Homicide Division at 407-271-2090 or Crimestoppers at 407.800.8477.