Gas pipeline companies may have the power to kill jobs if they’re too slow to install gas-fired power plants

Gas pipeline company GasBuddy has learned that its own customer is being threatened with a class-action lawsuit after the company said it failed to install the gas pipeline system needed to supply the natural gas power plants that it supplies.

GasBuddy’s own customer, Natural Gas Supply, has filed a class action lawsuit against GasBud, claiming that GasBuds failure to install a gas pipeline for its natural gas-powered electricity plant in Ballard, Washington, amounted to negligent infliction of emotional distress.

According to a lawsuit filed in King County Superior Court, Natural GNS was aware of the gas-electricity plant’s vulnerability in early January and failed to fix it, leading to the deaths of four of its employees.

The lawsuit alleges that Natural GMS failed to protect the safety of the plant’s employees, including the natural-gas engineers who designed the plant, and that the company’s failure was due to “fear and insecurity” that led to the failure.

The lawsuit says that because the natural gases and steam that make up natural gas are a combustible gas, a failure to properly design and install a pipeline for them could result in their being ignited by the natural, heat-trapping gases released by the plant.

The suit alleges that GasBs failure to do so could have resulted in the deaths or injuries of the four employees.

It is unclear how the lawsuit will proceed, as it is currently being reviewed by a judge.

In a statement to Business Insider, GasBUD said, “GasBuds engineers designed and installed a gas-fuelled power plant in the city of Ballard to provide a reliable, cost-effective alternative to natural gas to deliver natural gas from the Barnett Shale.

The pipeline was installed in August 2015.

GasBuda engineers have since been involved in the installation of another natural gas plant in East Seattle, but that project has been suspended pending the outcome of this lawsuit.”

Natural Gas Supply said it had been working with the company to address the issue.

The company also said that the pipeline is designed to deliver electricity from the plant and that it is not connected to any power lines or utilities.

“As soon as this lawsuit is dismissed, GasBs pipeline will be repaired and GasBuses customers will be notified that the GasBudes pipeline has been repaired,” the company wrote.

“Gasbuddy has also implemented an internal internal safety program and will continue to work with the local government to ensure that our customers are protected.”

GasBud did not immediately respond to BusinessInsider’s request for comment.