Why natural gas prices in Israel are going up, and how to cut them

Prices are rising again for natural gas in Israel.

The country’s gas industry expects the price to go up from April 1st to May 1st and it is up from $1.16 to $1,200 per 1,000 cubic feet, according to a report by Gas Research Israel.

The average monthly price is about $1 per 1-1/2 million cubic feet.

Gas prices are set to increase by another 20 percent over the next two years.

Natural gas is a cheap energy source, but it is a relatively dirty one.

The company behind the plant in Tel Aviv that will produce natural gas for Israeli homes, Israel Gas, recently raised its prices from $3.90 per thousand cubic feet to $4.80 per thousand.

The increase comes on top of the $1 increase the company recently announced for its natural gas operations.

The Israeli company also plans to expand the plant, which it says will produce enough natural gas to meet its annual demand.

Gas Research, a Tel Aviv-based firm that specializes in natural gas production and trading, said that the price increase is due to the company’s efforts to increase the amount of natural gas produced at the plant.

In the past, natural gas companies have increased the prices of their gas to make sure that their customers continue to use the product.

This is an attempt to reduce the use of the gas, said Israel Gas chief executive, Uri Avital.

The company is not the only one who is looking for ways to cut the prices.

The United States, Australia, India, and several other countries are also looking for cheaper natural gas supplies.


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