How to get natural gas to Portland via natural gas delivery

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) A new natural gas pipeline is scheduled to be delivered from a gas field in northern California to the Portland area.

The pipeline, called the “Natural Gas Pipeline,” will be a part of a wider project that includes a natural gas liquefaction plant in eastern Oregon.

The company that is developing the project said the pipeline will eventually connect with a liquefied natural gas terminal in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The project is being developed by the company Southern California Gas Company.

Southern California Gas will build the pipeline and operate the terminal at a cost of $1.9 billion, Southern California announced in January.

The company has secured more than $3.4 billion in financing, including from California Governor Jerry Brown.

Southern Californian is partnering with a group of private and public partners to build the natural gas infrastructure that will run through Portland and provide natural gas and liquefying gas to a local distribution center.

The Portland project will connect to a liquied natural-gas terminal in San Francisco.

Southern California said in January that it would also build a liquified natural-Gas Distribution Facility at the same site.

Southern Pacific’s pipeline would connect to the natural-gases terminal in Portland.

It is the first pipeline to be constructed from Southern California to Portland, the company said in a statement.

SouthernPacific has been working with other companies to build liquefactory facilities in China and other parts of the world.


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