How to get gas for your house

DTE Natural Gas, the company behind the natural gas giant, announced a deal Friday that will allow customers to get their gas from the company’s subsidiary Natural Gas America.

The deal will allow DTE to purchase up to 200 million cubic feet of gas a day, according to a statement.

“The new contract between DTE and Natural Gas Ameria provides customers with access to a proven pipeline network with a proven supply chain,” DTE President and Chief Executive Officer Michael O’Neill said in a statement, adding that the partnership will deliver better service and lower costs to customers.

The new deal with Natural Gas Americans will also enable DTE customers to purchase natural gas directly from a major domestic supplier, including Natural Gas Midwest, according DTE.

Natural Gas America is a subsidiary of the world’s largest natural gas producer, based in New Jersey.

It is the world leader in gas storage and delivery.

Natural Gas Americas is currently in the process of developing an expansion project in Indiana.DTE also said that its customers will benefit from lower prices and greater reliability.

It is expected that this new deal will result in a savings of $2.2 billion a year for DTE in 2019, according the company.


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