How to save energy with natural gas as the price of renewables hits £2 per megawatt-hour

The price of electricity is set to fall as Britain’s power generation is hit by a drop in demand, forcing it to pay more to store and supply electricity.

Energy Secretary Ed Davey said Britain’s electricity demand is expected to peak in the summer of 2020.

He said the fall in demand will have an impact on electricity prices.

The government has been under pressure to cut electricity bills to curb rising energy bills in an era of low oil prices.

Davey said: “In 2020, the wholesale price of power is set at £2.40 per megowatt-hr, and in the last six months the price has fallen to £2 in line with the falling demand.”

The drop in wholesale prices is expected over the next few years to cause a drop of up to 10 per cent in power bills, but the government is not expecting it to have an immediate impact on prices.

David Cameron, the British prime minister, is set for a second summer in office this autumn.

In a statement, the government said it was also working to support the power sector in a global recession and help the construction sector.

“The Government is working to build on our strong record of delivering significant savings on energy bills through the power supply sector and other measures, including by introducing a £1.40 rise in the price for the price we sell electricity,” it said.

“We are also committed to protecting the environment and ensuring the cost of building homes is sustainable.”

In February, David Cameron announced that the price would rise by £1 per megwatt-h.

Earlier this year, it emerged that British Gas was in breach of its own emissions guidelines by selling a third of its power to offshore wind farms in the North Sea.

More than 20,000 turbines have been built offshore in the past five years, mostly to be used for generating power from offshore wind, but there is evidence that the turbines can be used to generate electricity from gas.

Gas prices in the UK have risen to a record high in 2017, rising to over £6 a litre in some areas.