California’s $7 billion natural gas pipeline plan could spur a new energy boom

California is trying to get a billion dollars in financing for its plan to build a natural gas-to-light pipeline from the San Joaquin Valley to the East Coast.

But it’s not just the gas that’s at stake.

California Governor Jerry Brown has also made it clear that the state wants to ramp up its energy industry.

“We want to be a leader in the world in energy and in natural gas,” Brown told the Associated Press in a conference call Tuesday.

“The way that we look at this is, this is not just a business opportunity, this will be a tremendous job creator for the state.”

The $7.4 billion pipeline would go under the San Andreas Fault, which stretches from the northern end of the state to the Pacific Ocean.

The project has drawn opposition from some environmental groups who argue it will worsen climate change by pumping more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Brown’s plan has been heavily scrutinized for potential conflicts of interest.

It is currently being considered by the state Legislature.

But Brown’s administration said in a statement Tuesday that the project will not be subject to the same review as other transportation projects.