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RTE News headline Natural gas, natural gas act: The government should help states and territories with natural gas bills article The government is obliged to pay natural gas suppliers for the use of the gas they produce, even if the gas is used in the wrong place or way.

However, there are a number of different ways that the government can help states manage their natural gas supply, including by providing funding for the transmission and storage of natural gas for domestic use.

What’s new in the gas bill?

The government has set aside $1.2 billion to provide for the provision of natural fuel storage capacity and for the construction of a gas transmission line.

A bill which will come into force on January 1, 2018, provides a further $2.2 million to provide a network of gas storage infrastructure in the Northern Territory, Victoria and South Australia.

The NT Energy Minister, Grant Mitchell, said this would provide for a national network to provide power to remote communities for gas storage and supply.

In Victoria, the state government is also considering providing $10 million in funding for a regional gas transmission network.

Mitchell said the NT government would be providing $1 billion for the NT Gas Utilities (NGU) Fund, which will be used to build gas transmission infrastructure.

NGU funds were announced in the 2015-16 Budget, and have been earmarked for the Northern and Southern territories.

Other government funding for gas transmission and supply will come from the Northern Australia Energy Infrastructure Fund.

This funding will be provided to ensure that gas transmission lines are connected to the NT’s grid, and will also be used for gas distribution in the region.

There are several other government funding options available to NT residents.

NT residents will also receive a $10 rebate from the NT Government for the purchase of gas.

All gas bills will be covered by the NT Climate Action Fund.


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