How to Get a New Boonville Natural Gas Tank and Gas Can for $50

The last of the Boonvilles natural gas tanks was decommissioned in 2012.

Now, the company is looking to buy a new Boonvilis natural gas tank, and to do so for just $50, according to the Lad Bible.

The Boonvuis company plans to offer its new tank to a customer who pays a $150 deposit and pays $150 for shipping and handling.

It is the first natural gas purchase by the company in about two years.

The new tank will come in two sizes: one that will be about the size of a standard natural gas can, and the other that will have a capacity of about 100,000 gallons.

The price tag for the new tank is unknown at this time.

In a statement, the Bonsa Natural Gas Company said it plans to provide the new Bonta natural gas bottle, as well as the Bontas natural gas burner, with the shipment.

The company plans on offering the Bantu natural gas cylinder and the Baunvil gas can to customers who pay the $150 fee, the Lad bible reported.

In 2018, the Louisiana Bureau of Investigation arrested the head of Bontu, Michael B. Dannemier, after an investigation found that the company had lied about the gas company’s operations.

Dannemiers attorney at the time, Mark J. Riggs, told The Associated Press the company should not be held responsible for a natural gas leak, saying that it was an “industry standard practice to lie to the public.”

The Bontus were one of the earliest natural gas companies to begin production in the United States.

They bought the gas rights in 2008, with a plan to develop a gas field near St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, which would eventually become part of the St. Tammany Parish.

It took two years to develop the first gas well and it is not known when it began producing gas.

The Bureau of Investigations said last year that the natural gas company was not responsible for any leaks, and that the state is investigating whether Bontuvins activities violated federal environmental laws.

The Louisiana Bureau Of Investigation told the AP that the Bountiful gas company is working with the federal government to find out what happened.