What’s next for the EPL?

ENSTAR is set to play an important role in the EPCOT World Fair next year in Los Angeles.

The French energy company has been awarded a 30-year contract to run the Fair, which will be held from July 8-11 in the Convention Center in Downtown Los Angeles, USA.

ENSTAR CEO Pierre Gattaz said the company would use the event to help bring more people together to promote and build sustainable energy solutions.

The EPCot is currently holding its first-ever World Energy Summit, which is designed to build momentum for the development of sustainable energy sources and to foster collaboration and exchange between stakeholders.

ENStar will be the first French company to run a World Energy Expo and the first company to sponsor the EPM Expo, the two-day fair that runs from July 16-18 in Paris.

Gattazzi said the new contract would allow ENStar to expand its energy platform in the Americas.

“We have a lot of ambition in this area, so we wanted to take advantage of this opportunity,” he said.

“Our company has the experience, expertise and knowledge, and we have the people to deliver the results.”

The French company will also work with partners in Mexico, the U.S., and China, which have recently experienced a wave of rapid energy growth, Gattascia said.

ENstar’s role will be to showcase energy innovations and to provide opportunities for its customers.

GATTASCIA: “We’re going to be presenting the products that ENStar has already developed, and it’s going to help people understand how energy is produced and how it’s used.

We are in a very special situation, and I think we have a chance to be a pioneer in the energy sector.””

In the next 20 years, ENStar is going to contribute a lot to the development and expansion of renewable energy in the USA.

We are in a very special situation, and I think we have a chance to be a pioneer in the energy sector.”