How to make natural gas BBQ from scratch

Natural gas barbecue is an easy way to make delicious barbecue, even when you’re new to the hobby.

Here are the steps to make your own.

Step 1: Get a grill.

A great grill is the cornerstone of a backyard barbecue party, so get one if you can.

But if you’re like me and you just can’t decide between a gas grill and a wood burner, check out our guide to making the best barbecue grill in your kitchen.

Step 2: Build a charcoal grill.

You can use charcoal or wood grills, but there are several other options for grilling, such as electric grills and gas grills.

We’ve broken down each of them below.

Step 3: Build your own gas barbecue cooker.

If you don’t have a gas barbecue grill, check these out:Gas Grill: The gas grill is your best bet for making natural gas barbecue.

It can be made from a simple plastic container, like a can of tomatoes or a canister of barbecue sauce.

Step 4: Make the meat.

Step 5: Fry it.

Your barbecue meat should be crisp and golden brown on the outside, and soft and tender on the inside.

You’ll want to cook it for about four to five minutes on each side, and the meat should come out with a little crunch on top.

Once the meat is done, turn it over, and fry it on a low heat for five minutes or until the internal temperature of the meat reaches around 300 degrees F. The meat should still be cooked, but it’s not going to be completely charred.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Step 7: Check out our cooking videos on YouTube.