Natural gas barbecues get a boost with new bill by The Huffington Pause

Natural gas barbecue is heating up as the government’s Natural Gas Barbecue Act of 2017 gets a boost.

On Tuesday, Senate Natural Gas Committee Chairman Mark Warner (D-VA) introduced legislation to provide a $50 billion injection of federal natural gas money to states and municipalities for the construction and maintenance of natural gas barbecue facilities.

The bill is designed to encourage development and support of natural-gas barbecue facilities in areas with low populations.

The Natural Gas Act of 1990 (NGA) is a $100 billion law passed in 1996.

In its current form, the law allocates $50.5 billion for projects that include the construction, operation, maintenance, and financing of natural resources-related facilities.

This bill is aimed at funding the construction of a natural gas barbecue facility.

It provides a $10.8 billion injection to states that meet the standards for projects funded under the Natural Gas and Conventional Gas Act.

In its original form, NGA provided $50 to $100 million per year for the next 10 years.

Warner’s bill would increase that to $150 million per 10-year period.

The NGA provides a limited funding stream, but it would go a long way toward improving the health of communities, which have seen the number of natural disasters increase, Warner said.

The new legislation would provide an additional $25 million to $50 million per project that meets the state’s natural gas standard.

Natural gas is a cleaner and cleaner fuel than coal.

In fact, the U.S. is now producing nearly 70 percent of the world’s natural-sourced natural gas.

The Nga funding stream will support the development and expansion of natural Gas Barbecues in rural communities across the country.”