What’s Next for Australia’s Natural Gas Market?

Posted by Entertainment Weekly on Thursday, August 19, 2018 05:07:48Aussie natural gas producers have been waiting for a natural gas market to emerge in Australia for over a decade.

However, this market is currently in limbo, with some parts of the industry waiting for more than a decade to see it happen.

Australian Gas Operators Association chairman, John Tufnel, said he was not surprised by the delay in the rollout of a natural energy market.

“We’re waiting for the market to mature in Australia, but at the moment there’s no clear indication that that will happen,” Mr Tufnell said.

“It’s not like we’re saying ‘it’s a done deal, it’s going to happen’.”

We want a natural market to develop and we want the market, and natural gas itself, to be viable.

“He said the government was also waiting for new government policy to allow the gas industry to expand its operations in the market.

Mr Tufnels said the delays were due to uncertainty around the potential of a gas price boom in Australia and a lack of certainty about the future of the current market.