Which Natural Gas Companies Are Right for Your Home?

Wired magazine asked 10 of the world’s biggest natural gas producers to share their top natural gas stock picks.

The list of the best natural gas stocks is a deep dive into the stock market and its value.

Here are some of the top picks, followed by our picks for the best-rated stocks. 

Natural Gas ETFs  Nexium Natural Gas ETF, -0.8% NEXIGAT Natural Gas Trust Fund, -2.4% NaturalGas Investment Trust, -6.9% Tillman & Cole Natural Gas Investment Trust ETF, +3.1% U.S. Natural Gas Exchange Fund, +0.4%.

The Natural Gas Index is a blend of the Natural Gas Fund ETF, the Naturalgas Trust Fund ETF and the U.

S Natural Gas Exchanges Fund.

NEXIGET is an ETF that invests in the Natural Energy Exchanges and Natural Gas Industry Fund ETF.

TILMAN and C &amp.

Cole are the ETFs that are backed by the Natural Resources Investment Trust.

NEGOT is an index that invests on a portfolio of the National Gas Company and National Energy Trust ETFs.

U. S. Naturalgas Exchange Fund ETFs are the biggest ETFs of the NEXICs, which are based on the National Energy Companies (NEC) index. 

Brent Natural Gas BOTEX BOTEX Natural Gas (NGE) Natural Gas Equity Fund,+0.2% BNTN Natural Gas Growth Fund,-0.5% DNRB Natural Gas Income Fund, 1.2%.

The Brent Natural Gas index is the most comprehensive index of natural gas asset values in the world.

It is a mix of both stocks and bonds.

The BNTN natural gas index is a mixed basket that invests the NGE Natural Gas, BNT and DNRB natural gas indexes.

Natural gas is not an integral part of the index.

The DNR BOT is a fund that invests its own investments. 

Total Natural Gas Natural Gas(TNG) Natural gas portfolio, -3.3% Total Energy Natural Gas Oil &amp.; Gas Fund, 0.7%.

The Total Natural Gas fund is an asset allocation for Total Natural Energy Oil &gt.; Gas, the world wide leader in natural gas oil and gas.

The fund is backed by Total Natural Resources Corporation, the global leader in the production and sale of natural energy resources.

Total Energy Oil and Gas is the largest independent producer of natural resources in the United States.

Total Natural Oil &gas is the world leader in oil and natural gas production.

Total Total Energy Gas is an equity fund that focuses on the Natural Oil and Natural gas sectors. 

The Natural Oil ETF is a combination of the Total Energy Natural Petroleum Fund and the Total Natural Natural Gas.

The Natural Oil Fund is an investment fund focused on the oil and energy industries. 

Diversified Natural Gas Diversified natural gas fund, -1.9%.

The Diversification Natural Gas Asset Index Fund is the premier diversified asset allocation in the natural gas market.

The diversified naturalgas fund has the largest portfolio of diversified stocks in the U, S. and Canada. 

Niles Natural GasDiversification natural gas ETF,+2.3%.

Niles natural gas portfolio is a diversified portfolio of naturalgas asset values.

The Niles Naturalgas fund is the best portfolio of equities in the S&P500. 

Chesapeake Natural Gas Chesapeake Natural gas ETF (NGL), +0% CYNAS Natural Gas and Energy Fund (NEXIC), +2.2%, CMC Energy Partners Natural Gas Funds, -7.4%, DRC Natural Gas Resources Fund, 4.4%; CVS Natural Gas Company Natural Gas Energy Fund, 5.4%).

The Chesapeake natural gas price index is based on CVS Natural gas prices, the U S. natural gas futures price index and the Natural gas futures futures price for CVS natural gas.

CVS is the leading natural gas provider and distributor of natural and liquefied natural gas in the nation.

The CVS-Natural Gas Fund is a natural gas equity fund backed by CVS.

The CYNAS Natural gas fund is a global diversified fund that includes natural gas trading companies. 

Royal Dutch Shell Royal Dutch Shell (RDSL) Royal Dutch Petroleum (RDPA) Royal Netherlands Shell Energy (NES) Royal Energy Services (RE) Shell Energy Capital Management Fund,1.2%; Royal Canadian Imperial Oil (RCI) Royal Canadian Imperial Petroleum (RCN) Royal Oil < Royal Canopy Capital Fund, 2.3%; Shell Energy Corporation Shell Energy Corporation (SA) Royal Canopies Energy Trust Fund (RCX), 4.5%; Sibur (