Why Texas’s natural gas renaissance has been a boon to its economy

Texas natural gas production has more than doubled since 2012, according to the Texas Department of Resources.

It’s also a boon for Texas residents who depend on it for electricity, fuel, and cooling.

The Texas Natural Gas Association reported last month that natural gas was the fourth-most used fossil fuel in Texas in the first quarter of 2019.

The number of residents who have access to gas has grown to nearly 7 million.

That’s up from 5 million in the early 2020s, according the Texas Tribune.

Natural gas prices are currently about $3 a million cubic feet, which is more than the national average, and are expected to continue to rise.

It is expected to be more expensive to import natural gas than it is to export, and the price volatility of natural gas has been one of the reasons why exports have been so scarce.

As the country recovers from the devastating hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the natural gas boom is also helping to fill up a gaping gap in the Texas economy.

For many, it’s as if natural gas became the state’s lifeline.

“When the natural resource boom happened, there was a big transition to renewables,” said Jim Lutz, an energy economist at the Houston-based Harris Foundation.

“Now, there’s a lot of jobs created in those sectors, and people have been able to find work that requires a lot less energy and less carbon dioxide.”

Natural gas production is expected grow from about 6 billion cubic feet in 2020 to 9.2 billion cubic miles in 2025, according data from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Lutz said the boom is already fueling a revival in the industry.

“There’s been a huge amount of growth in the natural-gas sector and the natural oil and gas sector, and that’s been great for Texas,” he said.

“I think Texas is a natural leader in the world in natural gas.”

In the state, natural gas supplies about half of the state.

It also accounts for about 35 percent of the country’s total natural gas.

The state is currently home to about 3.5 million people, and it’s expected to double that number by 2030.

Natural Gas Production in Texas: 1.4 Billion cubic feet Source: Texas Department for Resources, Bloomberg Data.

Natural-Gas Production in America’s States: 3.7 Billion cubic yards Source: EIA, EIA-EIA.

NaturalGas Production In Texas: 7.5 Billion cubic inches Source: Bloomberg Data