A natural gas pipe manufacturer has a new product to help fight the wildfires in the Southwest

The natural gas furnaces that supply heat in homes and businesses are often a source of heat loss during fires, making them a potential target for wildfires.

However, one company is developing a product that could help fight fires by replacing some of those inefficient pipes.

The new product is called Pike Natural Gas Furnace, and it has been developed by a San Antonio-based company called Gasfactory.

The company is making the product using an advanced manufacturing process, according to a press release.

Gasfault, a subsidiary of Gasfaults, said the furnace would use a heat exchanger to create steam that would then be used to generate power.

Gasfault is offering a range of furnace types that it claims are more efficient than the traditional method of burning natural gas.

Gasault also said the products can be manufactured in a single plant and be used for many years, with no additional energy costs.

“The efficiency of our furnace has been the number one priority for Gasfattery,” Gasfiction said in the press release, adding that it is developing the Pike product for both residential and commercial use.

Gasfuel.com’s James Brown said the company was “pleased” with the results.

“We were pleased with the progress we made in designing and manufacturing the Pikes,” Brown said.

Gasgasfactory has already built a prototype and hopes to test the furnace in a home within the next year, according the company.