Delta announces $6.2 billion deal to acquire Enstar

The biggest deal to date in the shale gas boom is the $6 billion acquisition of Enstar, the U.S. shale gas operator, by the Canadian natural gas producer, Suncor Energy.

Enstar’s stock price fell on news of the deal, but the company, whose assets include the Marcellus Shale, is expected to get a boost in the second half.

Enstars market value is about $5.7 billion.

Suncor, which acquired Enstar in 2014, will pay Enstar $6,800 per share for Enstar shares.

The company will be paid a $500 million upfront cash payment.

En Star shares were trading at $5,966 in late afternoon trading.

SunCorp is buying Suncor’s assets, including the Marcy Group, for about $2.2 trillion.

Sunco has also been buying up gas companies, including Peabody Energy Corp. and Gas2, for $1.7 trillion.