Which gas has the best price?

Natural gas, in a recent article , was named the best natural gas in the world by Newsweek. 

The magazine said the price of natural gas has been consistently higher than the price for coal, which is more expensive than gas. 

“Natural gas has become the new cheap fuel in the marketplace, with prices that are generally lower than coal,” Newsweek’s Matthew Vadon wrote. 

But that doesn’t mean coal has been the winner in this race. 

 The United States imported a record 4.5 billion tons of coal in 2015. 

That is about 60% of all coal mined in the United States. 

Even if coal has gained market share, it is still a small part of the energy supply in the US. 

A recent study from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy found that the energy intensity of coal is only one-fifth of natural Gas and is currently only a fifth of natural Oil. 

Natural gas is cheaper than coal and more efficient than coal, but the energy efficiency of natural oil is a bit more variable. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, natural gas and oil use is 80% less energy intensive than coal. 

And natural gas also burns cleaner than coal while having a lower carbon footprint. 

With that said, there is no guarantee natural gas will always be the cheapest fuel in your next home. 

Gas prices have been rising and natural gas prices are increasing all the time. 

For example, the price on the New York Stock Exchange has climbed by over 70% since 2010. 

While natural gas is more efficient and less polluting than coal in the short term, it will be less expensive in the long term.