New data shows that natural gas wells have reached a record high in the U.S.

Gas wells have surpassed the record high of 1.1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas produced in the United States last year, according to new data released by the U-verse Natural Gas Partner, LLC.

The milestone came as part of a study that analyzed natural gas data from across the country and found natural gas production is currently at a new all-time high.

In a press release, the company said that its research found naturalgas production at the U’s largest natural gas fields reached a new record high during the first six months of 2017.

The U-versal study found that naturalgas produced in 2016 reached a total of 1,020 trillion cubic meters, which was a 1.7 trillion cubic foot increase from the year before.

The company also reported that natural-gas production in the first quarter of 2017 reached a historic high of 924.4 billion cubic feet, which is an increase of 4.7 billion cubic foot per day from the same period last year.

U-Versal says it expects natural gas to continue to grow as demand for natural gas increases, and the company is working with industry partners to further improve its production capabilities.

Natural gas is one of the most abundant natural gas resources on the planet, but its economic and environmental impacts are growing as more and more Americans are moving to cities and other urban areas.

According to the U.-versal report, natural gas use in the US increased in the year that the company conducted its research, with the number of households using natural gas for electricity increased by nearly 30% in 2017, and residential natural gas usage grew by nearly 20%.

The company is also working to further increase its capacity to capture and store natural gas.


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