NBC’s Natural Gas Tank: Why NBC’s story about the natural gas industry is so misleading

NBC News, the NBC News Network and NBC Universal are working together to improve the quality of natural gas and other natural gas products sold on the internet and through natural gas distributors, according to NBCUniversal President Jim Gianopulos.

In an announcement Thursday, Gianopula said NBCUniversal is launching an initiative to improve customer service, including offering consumers access to online natural gas testing, online gas tracking, and an improved customer service portal, which will allow consumers to get the information they need to make informed natural gas decisions.NBCUniversal is also working to improve natural gas labeling and marketing, as well as developing better and more relevant natural gas facts and figures, he added.

Natural gas has been a hot topic in the media this week following NBC News’s reporting on a recent surge in natural gas usage in the United States.

In response to that, the U.S. Natural Gas Association (USNA) and Natural Gas Supply Alliance (NASS) released a joint statement in which they called NBC News’ coverage of natural resources “disturbing.”

The statement also called NBC’s natural gas report “misleading,” and accused NBC News of having a “lack of understanding about the role natural gas plays in America’s energy supply.”

The statements came after NBC News and NBCUniversal jointly released their third report, titled “Gas, Natural Gas, and The Future of Natural Gas,” which was released last week.

In it, the two companies outline their plan to help consumers understand natural gas.

“As a result of our new partnership with NBCUniversal, we are rolling out a comprehensive new natural gas product and service, with the goal of providing more clarity and transparency to consumers about how natural gas is used and sold,” USNA President Jim Sorensen said in a statement.

“In this joint statement, we call for NBCUniversal to ensure that their reports are accurate and that the information provided is relevant to consumers and the environment.”NBC News also released a video Thursday that highlights the “natural gas tank” and its benefits, which include reducing air pollution and improving air quality.

The video also includes a video of a natural gas fuel test.

NBC said the natural fuel test is available through the NBC Natural Gas website and will allow viewers to test their own natural gas, which can help determine if they need a fuel source.

“If you want to know more about the benefits of natural, check out the NBCNaturalGas website, which includes information about what fuels are safe to use, how much natural gas can be used and the cost of natural-gas-fueled heating and cooling,” the NBC statement added.